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  • Hurricane Harvey

    Lord make your presence known in Houston and all areas affected by this storm. Give people comfort peace and hope in the way only you can. We see destruction and despair. Lord, help us remember you are the giver of all good things and will help all these people, your children.

  • Getaway to Give Back

    Bless the time spent in Kansas City serving others in many ways. Help each participant to have a fun and meaningful trip. Grant safety, peace, joy and love to all the participants, adult leaders, and those who are served.

  • Single Parents

    Lord please give hope, resilience, and love to single parents as they strive to do and say and be whatever is best for their children. Help them to remember they are never alone in their struggles. Amen

  • Peace

    Dear God,
    I pray diversity brings
    mutual respect.
    I pray disagreement brings
    I pray unity shows love.
    I pray First Lutheran builds a community of believers.
    All this, Lord, for your glory.

  • Prayer

    Please be with a family as they deal with a massive stroke. Give each of them whatever it is they need at each difficult moment. Help them know it's okay to crumble in your arms. No matter what.

  • My daughter at camp

    Please be with my daughter at camp this week. Help her make the most of her week with new friends and experiences. Please protect the campers from possible severe weather, as well.

  • healing

    Dear Lord,
    Please help my friend recover from neck surgery.

  • Carol Joy Holling Campers

    I pray that all of the campers and staff at Carol Joy Holling enjoy their time together and have a safe and fulfilling experience this summer!

  • Happy Father's Day

    A prayer for all of the Fathers.

  • Prayer for my Mother

    Asking for prayers for my mother's health.


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