The ELCA statement, “Our Calling in Education,” expresses the idea that God calls us to “educate people in the Christian faith for their vocation and to strive with others to ensure that all have access to high-quality education that develops personal gifts and abilities and serves the common good.” This calling is rooted in a Lutheran legacy that values education for all people in both church and society.

At FLC, our Christian Education ministries are led by professional educators and diversely gifted volunteers who are involved in lifelong faith formation ministries.  These educators and volunteers are dedicated to igniting the minds of all who attend our services, classes, seminars, or workshops.

Our library contains over 850 volumes and is constantly adding new materials.  Also, past issues of The Lutheran Magazine and other ELCA publications are archived.  Members are encouraged to take advantage of this free resource to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and our Lutheran heritage.