Will I understand the message even if I don’t know much about the Bible?

Probably; messages (sermons) are centered in the Bible, but they seek to explore how the Spirit of God is working in our lives and world today, and how God promises to be in our lives.


What if I come from a different faith background?

No worries. People move around a lot, and this congregation has many different faith backgrounds among its people. Welcome and join in!


Do I have to dress up?

That depends on how you feel about blue jeans. God accepts all people, and we seek to do that as well.


Are you going to hit me up for money?

No, but God might. You are entering into a spiritual experience, and you may find yourself moved to respond, and you may choose to give…or not.


How do I get involved?

Work through the shyness and embarrassment of jumping right in. We seek to have people live out lives God has invited them to live, and we want to be part of what God is doing through you.


What is Holy Communion?

This meal is where God enters into our lives through the promise and freedom of eternal life in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The promise is central to our understanding of Holy Communion, and we only ask for a trusting heart and mind to receive the presence of Jesus.


Who can receive Holy Communion at First Lutheran?

We extend an invitation to all to attend worship and partake in open communion. This is the Lord’s Table. He is the host. We are his guests. He welcomes everyone to come and eat and be nourished, fed and forgiven. Come and eat and live! The only people excluded from our communion table are those that Jesus, himself, would exclude; and that is nobody.  All are welcome.


How old do you have to be to take communion?

We usually offer classes to 3rd grade students and older children who have not yet taken instruction.  Younger children are invited to come forward with their parents for a blessing at the time of communion.


How do I schedule a baptism?

Call the church to schedule a conversation with one of the pastors or attend a scheduled baptism class as offered.  You will need to connect with our Parish Administrator to share pertinent information and get on the calendar for a baptismal date.


Do I need to be a member to have my child baptized?

Not necessarily.  But you will be encouraged to be active in a faith community to fulfill the promises made at baptism to live among God’s faithful people.


Do I need to have sponsors for a baptism?

It is encouraged but not mandatory.  Sponsors accompany the newly baptized on their faith journey.


Do we baptize adults?

We baptize all ages!


What are the Small and Large Catechisms?

These are two books which help guide us in our understanding of Christian faith and life. They are central to how we understand that God loves us unconditionally, and that we are freed to live and love in that grace, regardless if we are perfect or not.


What is the ELCA?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is one of several mainline Protestant denominations in the USA. We have a huge tradition of social service, education, and international partnerships. Our congregation is one of 11,000 or so, and we are part of the Nebraska Synod (group) of the ELCA.


How does someone join First Lutheran Church?

There are many ways for anyone to join FLC.  We have new member classes twice a year, we can transfer memberships from other churches, and we even have different membership options (associate member) for those who want to stay connected with FLC and another church.


What ages can attend Sunday School?

Our Children’s Ministry begins at age 3 and goes through 5th grade.  Confirmation classes are for 6th through 8th grade.  Our youth group is for 9-12 grades.  There are also many opportunities for adult education (bible studies, circle groups, etc.)


When does Sunday School start?

Sunday School begins in September and goes through April.  VBS is, typically, in June.


Do you need to be a member to get married at First Lutheran?

No. But it is at the pastors’ discretion as to whether non-members may be married in the church building.


What is Confirmation?

This ministry is an education and fellowship ministry for middle-school youth. They learn the basics of the Lutheran tradition, and begin to start the spiritual practices that will be part of their continuing faith lives as adults. (Pr. Scott)


Can I bring a friend to Confirmation?



What happens with First Lutheran’s programs if we have a snowstorm or school is closed?

First Lutheran follows the schools direction and if school programs are closed or canceled the church activities will be cancelled, too.