Road to the Reformation Worship Series!
In preparation for our 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (October 31, 2017) we have a worship series
THIS year (2016) The Road to the Reformation!

Starting on October 16 each weekend through November 20, we will prepare ourselves for a “faith journey.”

As with all trips, we will answer questions like:

“Where are we going?” (Oct 16)

“What do we need for this trip?” (Oct 23)

“Who’s going with us?” (Oct 30)

“How do you want to get there?” (Nov 6)

“What do we want to do when we get there?” (Nov 13)

“Are we there yet?” (Nov 20)

Each week we will celebrate our Lutheran heritage, have an opportunity to interact with the message,
and discover resources to help us claim our identity in the Christian faith through our Lutheran tradition.
Join us for this six‐week adventure as we walk together the road to the Reformation 2017.